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Oh Mate,  This is so insane, and think of the millions of precious Defence dollars which are being totally wasted on this fantasy! It is actually disgusting to think how many people whose time is also wasted on these flights of fancy in the “modern” Defence Farce!

And just an aside on the tongue-in-cheek camel laugh – do camels fart as much as cattle and sheep? If so, a few Greenies and Tea(l) Ladies have probably just had a fainting spell!

Hooroo 4 now,   Brian H.

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  • HILTON E J BROIWN October 18, 2022  

    A world built on bs and lies by people who have no integrity is hardly worth having. We are headed for a new world order which is a socialist system that has never really worked and worst of all it will be run by evil people. Have a close look at the usa today and that is not something to look forward to. What ever happened to courage honour and integrity. Kindest Regards Hilton E J Brown ex RAN R51836

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