???? ???? ?? ??????? – ?? ??? ??? ?????????. In 1964, Australia conducted a testing program at Innisfail, Queensland for a range of Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC), other support vehicles and weaponry, for jungle warfare suitability – the 6 Tropical Trials Unit. The trials saw the introduction of the M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carrier into the Australian Army. This vehicle was used extensively in the Vietnam War and subsequent variants saw over 60 years of operational service.

Documenting the untold story of the test and development of Australia’s Armoured Personnel Carrier, the M113A1 APC and the men who trialled a range of APCs, ???? ???? ?? ??????? – ?? ??? ??? ????????? encompasses both a 42 minute photo film comprised of interviews and archival photographs taken of the Tropical Trials and an eight-part radio series. View the film trailer

Screenings are being planned to commence from late 2022 in Adelaide, Innisfail, Melbourne, and Puckapunyal. If you’d like to host a screening in your RSL or community centre please contact filmmaker Ash Starkey [email protected]

Listen to the eight-part radio series, by producer Helen Meyer, at Service Voices – Radio Adelaide. Part 1…/1-from-6ttu-to-vietnam…/

This documentary film and the radio series was produced with the support of a Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Saluting Their Service Major Commemorative Grant.


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