This is just a follow-up to the note from Greg Bland. I oversee a project called “War & Life.”  We record the thoughts and memories of any veteran who served in any warzone in any capacity.  Also family members of war veterans and civilians who experienced war. We’re building an educational library, up now to a few hundred discussions.

These days most discussions are with Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq veterans. It would be a privilege to hear from Australian veterans and to make the records of their memories available to families, students and interested others.

Most discussions are face-to-face (using Zoom), though some are voice-over (the veteran is speaking as photos scroll).  For voice-overs, the telephone can work.

Recent samples are below.  It would be an honour to hear from Australian veterans.

All the best,

Preston Jones

[email protected]


“A Marine Lieutenant in Southern I Corps, South Vietnam” (voice-over)

“With the Royal Australian Air Force in Ubon, Thailand, 1964-1965”

“A Soldier in Kunar Province, Afghanistan”

“Child in the Vietnam War, Refugee, American Sailor”

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