Federal Court to hand down judgment.

The following news should make you smile at last we are at the decision phase.

Justice Perry of the Federal Court has set 10am Sydney time on Tuesday 2 May 2023 to hand down judgment in Clinton McKenzie’s matter about the interpretation of the commutation provisions of the DFRDB Act.  Her Honour has also allowed the ‘Teams’ link for the judgment to be made available to members of the public.  We will make that link available as soon as practicable after it is provided to the parties by the Court.

If you intend to watch the judgment via ‘Teams’ please note carefully that:

1.      You must make sure your device’s camera and microphone are off before you join the ‘meeting’.   If you are not proficient in the use of ‘Teams’ and how to make sure your device’s camera and microphone are off, please practise and become proficient in advance of the proceedings.   It is very disruptive and discourteous to the Court if random faces and random voices intrude on proceedings.

2.      You must not record proceedings.   Doing so may be a contempt of Court.

3.      The ‘Teams’ ‘meeting’ may not start until just before Her Honour commences proceedings and sometimes proceedings are delayed due to circumstances on the day.   Therefore, if you are unable to join the ‘meeting’ or see or hear anything at 10am sharp, it may be that there is a delay in commencement.  ‘Hang in there’.

Stay tuned

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Jim Hislop

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