The Federal Government has held the first of two Veterans Employment Round Tables, as precursor consultations to the Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit to better understand practical solutions to get more Aussie veterans and defence families into work.

Australian Defence Force Personnel and Veterans have sought after skills; with the ability to work well under pressure, agility and leadership skills highly sought after in the workforce.

With more than 581,000 veterans in Australia, many employers have reaped the benefits of employing veterans, but veterans still remain a highly-skilled, relatively untapped workforce for the skills crisis we’re encountering across the country.

Unfortunately, veterans can be overlooked for job opportunities in mainstream careers due to the stigma associated with the psychological impacts of service on some or a lack of understanding of how their defence skills and experience match to civilian roles.

One of the greatest indicators of a successful transition from the Defence Force into civilian life is a new career and employment. Improving career prospects for veterans must be prioritised, including educating businesses about the benefits of employing veterans.

Confronted by employer concern about a lack of longevity in roles due to posting cycles of their spouse, defence family members also find themselves underemployed or underutilised in the workforce.

In a cohort of at least 40,000 defence spouses, the rate of under-utilised talent in a modern workforce facing skills and labour shortages is significant and holding us back as a nation.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel, Matt Keogh said Labor is committed to delivering a comprehensive veteran employment program for veterans and families.

“When a person serves, their family serves alongside them,” Matt Keogh said.

“By supporting the career success of the whole family, we will be working towards a better future for Defence Personnel, Veterans and Families.”

The event provided an opportunity for the sector to discuss boosting the recognition of skills and experience for veterans and their families, to get them into good quality jobs.

If we get veterans’ and families employment working better and lift participation by reducing their barriers to employment, we can unlock a high-quality skilled workforce for our nation.

A second Veterans Employment Round Table will be held in Perth on Monday, 29 August in preparation for the national Jobs and Skills Summit in September.




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