Exercise La Perouse 2023

March 2023, the multilateral cooperation Exercise La Perouse 2023 brought together seven nations involved in maritime security in the Indo-Pacific area: Australia, Canada, the United States, France, India, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Eight ships and seven aircraft came together in the Bay of Bengal to conduct a series of high-level training exercises to strengthen interoperability between the partner navies. The participating ships were:

  • the French amphibious ship Dixmudeand frigate La Fayette,
  • the Japanese destroyer Suzutsuki,
  • the Indian frigate Sahyadri and the replenishment ship Jyoti,
  • the Australian frigate Perth,
  • the US littoral combat ship Charleston, and
  • the British patrol vessel

La Perouse 2023 included air defence exercises, officer-of-the-watch manoeuvres, replenishment at sea, gunnery exercises and helicopter cross-deck training.

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