DVA Digitise Files

For the past few years, we’ve been turning pieces of paper into pixels, working to digitise hard copy client records to make it quicker and easier to access information.

We’ve now digitised more than half a million client files since 2016, that’s 91.5 million pieces of paper.

This work is part of an ongoing process to reform and modernise our processes and improve our services for veterans and their families.

This reform is ongoing, but we’ve made some important progress, including delivering a new website and creating a new central phone number to help veterans and their families get to the right person as quickly as possible.

Work like digitising files helps our staff access information faster, meaning we can provide better services and support to veterans and their families.


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  • Jack "Jockey" Fordyce October 29, 2021  

    Which Government Department lost the Flight Authorization Books for 36 Squadron RAAF for the 1960’s era and has never owned up to it hoping that with unrequited service the Veterans will die off before it is investigated and they are remembered for that service.

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