Don’t Discharge from the Australian Defence Force ADF until you watch this!

After a special request from one of our members A Navy Veteran, I have laid out some considerations and points essential for consideration before signing any discharge forms from the Australian Defence Force the ADF Navy, Army or Air Force.

Discharging from the ADF needs to be a well thought out deliberate decision so take your time after your initial commitment has been completed and plan your exit like a mission.

Do you know why you are discharging? Do you have a contract for new employment waiting for you? Are you discharging for Medical, or administrational reasons or your contract of service has concluded? Have you attended a transition seminar? Are you Navy, Army or Airforce? Do you need discharge coaching?

Need a Coach? Let me help you

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  • Laurie Thompson October 23, 2022  

    But can you believe the coach? I was decieved twice.
    1. Accepted the coaches to continue in a job that was mutually beneficial, only to be given an appointment completely alien to my background and experience over 21 years. The reason given by the newly appointed Director was that he did not get the job he wanted, so why should I. I was able to resign as I had not completed 6 months beyond my first 21 years.
    2. I applied for a scholarship for tertiary education, which was applicable only after 20 years of eligible service, only to be denied because I was eligible for DFRDB. So, I sought out the benefits of commuting part of my DFRDB entitlement to continue my education. After being given a verbal official summary the commutation amount and the deduction percentage to be deducted from my fortnightly pension until age 74. It seemed like a fair deal, so I signed up for it in good faith for the government that I had served, only to find out on reaching age 74 that the bean counters from DFRDB, DoD, and DoF have reneged on the agreement and that the reduction in my DFRDB payments only cease at actual end-of-life. To add insult to injury, one of the reviewers of this farce stated that the ceasing of the commutation at the specified date was only the desire of the DFRDB recipient, and not a right.
    Hence I warn all those being groomed to accept signing on again, to take great care of what the coaches are really offering, before the signing. Being in the military is a great career, education, and lifestyle, as well as a however, the government bean counters can overrule the promises of the official coaches once the grooming is complete.
    Best Regards to all Concerned

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