Banks prefer you to use an ATM instead of talking to a teller.

Woolworths and Coles want you to serve yourself rather than speak to a cashier.

McDonalds want you to order your meals on their terminals and not speak to a staff member.

Public servants ask that you enquire online and not talk to a representative face to face.

We have phones now that make it easier not to talk to anyone. Ironic?

Social media makes it easier to be anonymous and not be accountable to anyone.

Yards are getting smaller, so kids have nowhere to play.

Computer games are increasingly interactive, so you don’t have to play with real people.

Imagination is lost because interaction with others is on the decline.

Our adventures are lived online rather than experiencing them firsthand.

So, it’s not hard to see why social skills are on the decline.

Anxiety and boredom are on the increase. Anti-social views are gaining momentum because we are losing the free-thinking skills of our own technology.

It can’t end well.


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  • Keith Jarrett April 1, 2023  

    They have almost achieved a cashless society by stealth tacking it onto the Covid reaction.
    Coles and Woolworths encouraging self checkout? When they offer better than a 10% discount I might consider it but employment is more important in my opinion.
    So many changes imposed on our society in such a short time is destroying our once great country,

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