Hi All,

I have held off as long as I could with this Update in the hope that I could give you a date for the reconvening of the Federal Court but alas we still have no news on that front.

We continue with our research that continues to highlight “mysteries” with the introduction and administration of the DFRDB scheme. Many of you have been with us for some years now and I thank you for your support as at the end of the day the government will only react to facts we can present and the number of supporters we have.

May you be blessed with a Happy Xmas, a healthy 2023 and of course resolution of our court case.

Regards Jim


Federal Court Hearing
Justice Perry has still not yet handed down her decision and we have no indication of when
she will do so.

Petition to the House of Representatives
Thank you for supporting the Petition to the House of Representatives. More than 6,000
signatures will show the petition is not a frivolous one.

Season’s Greetings
On behalf of our Committee, I wish you and you families a Merry Christmas and a safe and
Happy New Year.

Jim Hislop OAM

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