Dec 1963 Portsea Graduation- 2Lt Marty Varang

If you can assist with John’s request below please email him at [email protected]


 Afternoon Ray,

Let me say your work and effort on behalf of all Veterans are commendable and invaluable.

As you know, I post my death Commemoration for mainly RAE SVN (and Non-SVN) members passing.

I have a request from a mate in regards to Marty Varang who graduated from Portsea in December 1963. We have heard that he may have died recently, but have been unable to confirm. My list of RAInf is quite small as or try to keep up with RAE.

Would you or any of your readers have any information on the veracity of this information; if so would it be possible to onforward his service record (I have done the SVN search) however, have some info that he may have been to Borneo/Malaya.

If you could help me in this endeavour would be much appreciated.

Kindest regards

Hans-Joachim (John) Sahariv

RAE Vietnam Veteran

[email protected]

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