Database Updates

Hi everyone,

Our son, Glenn, built our Veteranweb website, his work is always ongoing as he ensures we provide the best site possible. He has also been working on building a professional Veteranweb Forum, which has not been an easy task, there are a number of factors, including insurance and legal issues that have to be implemented, particularly with the total size of our database. One very important thing that we must do is ensure that our database is up to date and we can verify it’s correct.

Glenn has his own IT business and is currently away on business, he indicated that he will be asking everyone to check that your information is up to date. Please, he is giving me and you a great deal of his time, your help is very important.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.


Veteranweb Network

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  • David Corran - R110498 1971 - 91 February 1, 2023   Reply →

    Well done on a thankless task.

  • Rodger Eyles February 1, 2023   Reply →

    When will the website be available & how does one join?

  • Phill Wolfenden February 2, 2023   Reply →

    Your son Glenn does an incredible job as do you, so the thanks goes to you for the time and dedication as well as those in support such as your Family.

  • Rob Currall February 2, 2023   Reply →

    Great work Glenn. Thankyou for the support you are giving your Dad and all of us . I hope you get some joy out of your good work.

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