Over the years I see the stories appear
Of our own Dasher Wheatley the man with no fear.
And it’s true to say he was one of a kind.
A true a mate as any soldier could find.
‘Like a tank on the grog!’ I heard a mate say.
Few of us could imagine him in any other way.
But saying all that he was disciplined and skilled
This was sometimes offset by his being strong-willed.
Anyone who opposed him was in for a fight.
His endurance was legendary, his condition just right.
He showed strength that amazed, would never show fear
Was respected by all, especially his peers.
But beneath this facade was a soldier who cared,
For the men in his team and the rest of us there.
He was a legend, from the start of day one.
It did not surprise us when his VC was won.
Dasher was a leader and no quarter was asked.
He showed no emotion, his face was a mask.
But if he gave an order and it wasn’t done well
There’d be no doubt that he would raise hell.
He was a larrikin soldier always good for a joke
But men listened carefully whenever he spoke
This man was the leader you would follow to hell
Every soldier was shattered the day that he fell.
Men shook their heads, it could not be believed
A mistake had been made, we had all been deceived.
We had thought him invincible – we came back to earth.
All men are vulnerable – despite their great worth!
But Dasher left a legacy that stands true today.
Duty First was his motto when he went away.
And he stood by his principles when all appeared lost.
Regardless the outcome, regardless the cost!
BillCharlton c 2018

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  • Don Lampre February 26, 2022  

    I new Bruce Ruston personally, from my time being involved with the 35th District Board in Victoria. Bruce being the president of the RSL Victoria.

    It is certainly true to this present time he is sadly gone, and the RSL in general at the top level is missing in action.

    It appears the RSL are not prepared or are a sleep at the wheel.
    Hopefully one will come along, for future Veterans and stand up and show the true courage that it deserves.

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