Dangers of the Huey | Vietnam vet Graham Dutton | RAAF 9 Squadron

Graham was then sent to Vietnam with the RAAF 9 Squadron, where he would operate the Huey in various roles. There were several dangerous and sometimes fatal incidents involving the Huey during its service in the Royal Australian Air Force.

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  • Red WEBB March 5, 2023   Reply →

    “Sent to Vietnam…”.
    Nobody was Sent!
    If you didn’t want to go, you didn’t go.
    ….notwithstanding all the feelings developed to support an individual agenda in later years.

  • Darryl Hill March 6, 2023   Reply →

    Good on ya Red Webb (wonder if you are the one in RAAC)),to many Wankers tell about their lies about having to go who where probably in Vungas anyway

  • Michaell Naughton March 6, 2023   Reply →

    Interesting commentary by Graham Dutton and problems with the Huey and its engineering maintenance – I wonder if the RAAF experience was shared by the US Army and other users of this helicopter.

  • Keith March 8, 2023   Reply →

    Funny that memories do fade but I don’t remember ever being asked if I wanted to go to Vietnam.

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