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I have now completed my first read through of Jim’s excellent book. It’s truly astonishing in its level of perception. So truthful: I believe the worst-case scenario could eventuate. I like the final reference to China’s grievances as a ‘trigger’ for ultimately converting Australia into a tributary state (page 282).

When reading the book, I always expected to quickly find Jim’s statement about Australia’s lack of an adequate strategic oil/petroleum reserve. But he delayed his 30-day assessment to a later chapter where it was regurgitated in the right place. Yes, we urgently need to construct oil storage tanks, new refineries, pipelines and more…

There is so much detail in his book. I’ll need to read it at least five times. It’s worthy of the Greats I had to read at UCL in 1958/9.  Comparable to Plato perhaps?

Again, his reference to the new Columbia Class ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) is important. Page 245.  “The Columbia Class will take over the role of submarine presence in the United States’ strategic nuclear force. Electric Boat designed the new class with help from Newport News Shipbuilding. A total of 12 submarines are planned, with the construction of the lead boat begun in 2021.” (Internet source.) The first boat is scheduled to enter service in 2031. [Patricia and I were privileged to step aboard USS Florida (SSBN-728) in Pearl Harbor on 11 October,1985. Later the EO treated us to lunch ashore. (The existing 14 Ohio Class boats are due to be replaced by the Columbia Class.)]

Might I suggest in order to avoid acute depression, it is prudent to read Chapter 12: Australia, Defend Yourself! (page 252) first. This Chapter is a wish list/action plan for what Australia needs to do immediately…

I’m not sure if Albanese is up to the task? Or any other Australian government for that matter?

This is a book all Australians should read….

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CAPT David L O Hayward (Rtd)
Defense Analyst
China Research Team Australia

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