Convoy of Russian T-80 tanks exploded one by one in attack by Ukrainian troops while fleeing

Footage shows Russian marines from the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade driving a burning T-80BVM tank, along a road in the largely destroyed town of Pavlivka, as flames and black smoke erupted from the vehicle following a Ukrainian strike. A group of Russian soldiers can be seen climbing on top of the tank and jumping down before they ran away from the burning wreck.

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  • Mark Stewart November 11, 2022   Reply →

    That’s not a T80 that’s a personnel carrier

  • Robin November 11, 2022   Reply →

    I know from my military days that the role of the infantry is to kill the enemy, however, I can’t help but feel saddened by the unnecessary waste of young Russian lads who are being used as gun fodder in tanks that are sub-standard. We don’t hear as much of Ukraine’s losses, but isn’t it time we learned to live together instead of killing each other? Nobody wins a war.

    Nothing good will result from Russia’s ridiculous invasion and while I accept the Ukrainians are simply defending their country – as we have done and will do, it all seems a pointless exercise in savagery and demolition of useful infrastructure.

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