Conclusion of Australia’s Involvement in Vietnam

Yesterday was the 11th of January on that day Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War was formally ended after a proclamation by the then Governor General Paul Hasluck announcing the cessation of combat operations in Vietnam.

Between 1962 and 1975, some 60,000 Australians were called to serve in Vietnam in the army, navy and air force. More than 3,000 were wounded and 521 were killed as a result of their service.

When these brave men returned, they were not given the respect or thanks that they deserved. Veterans were treated poorly by the government and society, and their service was not properly recognised.

They had been called on to do a job that not all volunteered for, but whether they chose to go or were conscripted through National Service, all of them did their duty bravely.

Today is an opportunity for us not only to remember the 521 brave Australians who paid the ultimate price, it is also a chance for us to recognise all who served and put their life on the line in Vietnam.

Their courage and sacrifice is worthy of our highest regard.


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  • Ken.T. January 12, 2022  

    The Government may have stopped their part of the War. But the Diggers didn’t. It still is being fought.

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