COMMENT: How can we possibly pay for these submarines?

That’s easy. We’ll just have to do without. Unpalatable? Sure. Here is the bad news. For decades governments of both stripes have negligently and despicably left us defenceless in real terms as they granted us an undeserved standard of living, the envy of just about all as they bought themselves re-electability. What a great little country is this. Eh. As we bludged off our Great and Powerful Ally, underspending on Defence, which is all very well while there is no actual shooting war but really, this is from an old playbook. When the enemy is at the gates, good ol’ mothers’ sons rally to the cause and are thrown against the enemy, undertrained and ill-equipped. We proudly celebrate their fortitude on Anzac Day

We are now playing catchup, big time. The Defence budget has been plundered and now there is talk of raising it to 2% of GDP. 2%? Piffle. The enemy is at the gate, and we must compensate now for the indulgence showered upon us.

2% won’t cut it. This will be hard, as can be expected from an ignorant and indolent populace who have known nothing but good times all the days of our lives.

These times are not of our making but the situation is, as it is.

Bob McDowell

41 Little O’Grady St

Albert Park 3206

0419 367 716

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  • Maureen Lind March 17, 2023   Reply →

    Totally agree Bob,
    The ignorant and indolent and ‘entitled’ and opinionated will always be with us.
    Dont despair.
    We can pay by buying War Bonds. A thousand dollars a year for seventeen years for each Australian citizen. That’s twenty dollars a week. Eminently doable. Piece of cake.

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