Cape-class patrol boat (CCPB) – Improved border protection.

Australia has taken a step toward improving its border protection capability with the launch of the fifth improved Cape-class patrol boat (CCPB) by the Australian Department of Defence in Henderson, Western Australia.

After around a year of building, the future ADV Cape Woolamai, named after the peninsula at the southernmost point of Phillip Island in Victoria, was recently launched.

Each ship carries on the legacy of the CCPB and is named after an essential cape in Australia.

The fleet of eight upgraded CCPBs has a better quality of life system and more sophisticated sustainment intelligence systems, which help the Navy fight and prevail at sea.

Patrol boats under the command and speciality vessels The ships, according to Rear Admiral Wendy Malcolm, would make the Navy’s transfer from the Armidale-class to the more capable Arafura-class offshore patrol vessels easier and less risky.

According to Rear Admiral Malcolm, the improved CCPBs will be a crucial component of Australia’s maritime surveillance and defence strategy to detect, deter, as well as respond to threats in several economic zone.

These boats will be equipped to handle all types of border security threats. They can recognize, follow, and intercept a broad spectrum of marine vessels in various weather situations.

The new 58-meter boats are constructed with several upgrades, boosting operating capabilities and crew capacity. They were developed using the in-service expertise of ten CCPBs currently employed by the Navy and Australian Border Force.

The new patrol boats and other government organizations like the Australian Border Force will defend Australia’s fisheries, immigration, and also customs, as well as drug law enforcement operations.

With spillover effects on Austal’s supply chain partners all around Australia, the evolved CCPB project is directly sustaining 400 employees.


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  • Stan Walters March 30, 2023  

    They are a lot better than the Ardent and Buccaneer that I served on. Also was on the first Patrol Boat Coswain’s course

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