Can you handle a 35% increase to your electricity bill?

Welcome to a net zero world.

Australia has never been closer to a full-blown energy crisis.

This week, we saw the media finally admit that electricity bills will rise by at least 35 per cent next year.

…and when I say at least, I mean it.

Over the last year, wholesale electricity prices have quadrupled, rising from $60 to $240 per megawatt hour.

Gas prices are up from $10 to $50 a gigajoule.

The Australian Energy Market Operator and ACCC are forecasting both power and gas shortages next year.

Meanwhile, Australia is haemorrhaging manufacturing jobs, with 121,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the year to August.

The reality is simply this – net zero is not a climate policy, it’s a cost of living policy.

As millions of electricity bills are received and the lights begin to literally go out, the vast majority of Australians won’t care about net zero and the supposed “global transition” to Chinese-made solar panels and wind turbines that rely on Mother Nature’s whims.

Instead, millions of angry Australians will demand a return to coal-fired power – the way we’ve kept the lights on for one hundred years.

Millions of Australians will call for the legalisation of nuclear energy – the only way to get cheap, reliable, dispatchable “zero emissions” energy.

And millions of Australians will demand a refund of the $20 billion in subsidies the renewable energy industry gets every year given they failed to keep the lights on.

Don’t get me wrong…

It will be a tough time for Australia.

Cheap and stable energy is the key to an industrial economy like Australia that seeks to compete with countries with access to slave labour such as China.

But as I’ve said before, things have to get worse before they get better.

Australians have been sold a pup, and now they will see that we cannot replace coal with wind and solar.

They will see that throwing taxpayer subsidies at the green industry won’t magically make wind and solar cheap and stable enough to keep the lights on.

Most of all, they will see that the media, the political establishment and corporate Australia have got it totally wrong.

We’re living in green la-la land down under.

Around the world, there are 187 coal-fired power plants under construction on top of the 2,439 plants that are currently operating.

There are 53 nuclear reactors under construction around the world on top of the 437 reactors that are currently operating.

…and yet, thanks to our politicians, little old Australia can’t build one coal plant or reactor.

It’s time this country got its head out of the green quicksand and returned to common sense.

Have a good weekend

Matthew Sheahan

Executive Director

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  • Robert Alexander Kennedy October 15, 2022   Reply →

    The biggest problem we face is people’s and politicians’ ignorance and stupidity. The people are brainwashed from the cradle to the grave with the global warming/climate change myth, and that by adopting the crazy, extreme measures that the elite recommend we are going to make a difference to the global temperature.

    If they weren’t so stupid and watched something other than social media to form their world views from, or read some books written by real authorities such as Ian Plimer, they would be able to see how idiotic the view is that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and the cause for the mythical warming. in fact, nothing on earth can live without carbon dioxide.

    Probably 90% of the population don’t have any idea just how much “carbon” is in our atmosphere.

    We should be objecting in the strongest possible terms to these unnecessary price rises in our power bills. The problem there has been brought on by people allowing their state’s politicians to privatize the power generators. They are finding out that now that the generators are being run for investors profits rather than for the citizen’s benefit. And the owners are going after the more than generous subsidies given by the Federal government for the creation of vast renewable sites, that’s the reason for the projected “early closures” of most of them before something is built to replace them.


  • Barry Rissel October 17, 2022   Reply →

    I watched the presentation by Alan Jones and Peta Credlin on this subject and can only repeat and emphasise the crazy road we are being led down. The earth’s atmosphere is made up of 0,04% of CO2. Of that only 3% is due to human influence. Of that Australia is only responsible for 1.2% of the 3%, the final measured result is beyond my mathematical capability however it is infinitesimal, that is, beyond concerning oneself about. The entire scare campaign of impending climate disaster is just that and we must continue to resist it wherever we are able.

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