Cadet growth targeted under new $1bn investment

By: Charbel Kadib

ADF Reserves and Cadet facilities will be upgraded as part of a new multi-billion-dollar expansion plan.

The Commonwealth government has pledged to upgrade 73 Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves and Cadet facilities across the country over the next 10 years under a new $1 billion plan.

The commitment includes $53 million in accelerated infrastructure upgrades to 18 cadet facilities over the next year, targeting a 10 per cent increase in the number of ADF Cadets from approximately 28,308 to over 31,000.

This is expected to involve bolstering existing cadet units and the establishment of new units.

In addition to upgraded facilities, the investment would support the development of new mentoring and upskilling initiatives across a range of disciplines.

The initiatives are set to employ active personnel, reservists and veterans, tasked with providing administrative support, while also providing opportunities to local and Indigenous suppliers and contractors.

“In addition to the more traditional skills developed through the program, future cadets will also be engaged in STEM-focused activities including cyber security, virtual reality simulation, robotics and flight simulation,” Minister for Defence Peter Dutton said.


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