BRISBANE – SMEAC’s Veteran Hub – Soft Opening

Located in sunny Bowen Hills only a couple of kms east of Brisbane CBD lays SMEACs new Veteran Hub complex.

SMEAC is dedicated to providing veterans hope pre-discharge and reinstating a sense of purpose post-discharge by Veterans Helping Veterans Helping the Next Generation.

SMEACs Veteran Hub Complex will consist of SMEACs National HQ, SMEACs Veteran Hub and the Hub Café. This is an amazing space that when completed will offer SMEAC and the veteran community a grassroots boots on the ground approach that combined with SMEACs 50 ha Veteran Transition Facility on the outskirts of Landsborough will be like no other in Australia or anywhere else in the world.

The Veterans Hub will ultimately be SMEACs Veteran triage centre which will help veterans stay afloat in the unnavigable ocean of welfare. It will provide veterans with in house allied health services including physio, sports physiology, yoga, counselling, including drug and alcohol, nutrition to name but a few.

SMEAC will assist veterans walking off the street. Stop in for a brew or a chat be it casual or with a trained practitioner.

ENDSTATE: The Veteran Hub will work hand in glove with SMEACS 50ha Veteran Transition Facility near the Sunshine Coast.

The triage process will help to highlight the veterans current circumstances, immediate assistance required, where it is they want to end up, what assistance is available and how can SMEAC orchestrate that the veteran receives that assistance.

Want to find out more?

1300h Saturday 04 December 2021

4 Exhibition St Bowen Hills, Brisbane

BBQ and drinks provided

All welcome

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