BRISBANE – Public registration now open for Ceremonial Hearing and Hearing Block 1

Public registration now open for Ceremonial Hearing and Hearing Block 1

Community members are invited to register their attendance for the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide’s Ceremonial Hearing and first Hearing Block on EventBrite.

These hearings are open to the public and will also be webcast. More details on the webcast will be made available closer to the hearing dates.

The Ceremonial Hearing, to be held on Friday 26 November, will explain how the Commissioners will conduct the inquiry. The first block of public hearings where participants will give evidence begins in Brisbane on Monday 29 November 2021.

Due to COVID regulations and capacity limits, anyone proposing to attend the Ceremonial Hearing and/or Hearing Block 1 must pre-register.

Please be aware that these hearings may contain material and images that are triggering for some people. The public nature of the hearings also means that there may be people in military uniforms and military service providers in attendance.


For further updates from the Royal Commission, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note the general conditions of entry at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre:

  • All visitors must check-in via the QR code.
  • Do not attend the hearing if you have been in a current COVID hot spot and/or are unwell.
  • The hearing room will have capacity limits in line with Government regulations.
  • Adhere to social distancing regulations.
  • Security screening of persons and bags attending the hearing will be undertaken.
  • A number of items are prohibited in the venue, examples include: bags larger than A4, glassware/glass bottles/cans, weapons of any kind, large flags/posters/banners larger than A4 size, motorbike helmets, large umbrellas, bicycles, scooters, skateboards. The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre reserves the right to add items to the prohibited list at any time. Visitors may have personal items confiscated by Security or be requested to check items into the cloak room.


  • Food, hot drinks, photos or videos are not permitted to be taken in the hearing room.

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre has the right to refuse entry or remove any persons who do not comply with entry requirements. The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre website has further details.

Please refer to the Queensland Health website for current COVID-19 updates.


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  • Colin R November 18, 2021  

    Yet another ‘ARSIE’ – And yet again nothing will change. As well, the attorney general is to provide contracted lawyers – WHY? Isn’t this the govt trying to influence what submitters are putting forward with THEIR ‘advice’ from govt contractors. HOW IS THAT AN ‘INDEPENDENT’ INQUIRY ??

    AND no mention of the fact that the lawyers will have to be PAID FOR – by submitters, who USE the legal vultures!!

    This is worst than any Monty Python sketch – by Slo Mo – again. THIS WEEK ONLY ?

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