Bravo Jacinta Price!

On July 1 my term as Senator for the Northern Territory officially began, and already I’m dealing with the left’s woke nonsense.

Rather than focus on solutions for the REAL issues, our new government is more concerned with its own virtue signalling.

Let me make this one clear for the Adam Bandts and Anthony Albaneses of the world: just because someone is Indigenous does not automatically make them marginalised.

I’m tired of the paternalistic and condescending narrative that says that by virtue of lineage, Indigenous Australians are somehow in need of help and incapable of success without the aid of some privileged inner-city lefty.

Simply having Indigenous heritage doesn’t automatically make someone disadvantaged.

In Australia, we have a growing Indigenous middle class, successful people lucky enough to have the advantage of the generous education system, services and employment opportunities that our great nation has to offer ALL Australians.

They’ve done that WITHOUT a constitutional Indigenous “voice” to parliament, they’ve done it WITHOUT a treaty, and they’ve done it WITHOUT any need for some hero-complex lefty’s virtue signalling.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – a constitutional “voice” to parliament is redundant. The Australian people have freely elected TEN Indigenous Australians to Federal Parliament.

According to the recent census, Indigenous Australians account for 3.2 per cent of the population – they now make up 4.5 per cent of the Australian Federal Parliament.

You don’t need a constitutionally mandated representation for a group overrepresented in Parliament.

Yes, many of the most marginalised in our country are Aboriginal, but the “gap” is not only between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

It lies between successful Aboriginals and marginalised Aboriginals just as much as it does between successful and marginalised people of ALL backgrounds.

It lies in the more remote Indigenous communities where our nation’s most disadvantaged live, not in the big cities. Out there they’re not concerned with virtue signalling or flag waving, they don’t need smoking ceremonies or acknowledgments of country.

In those communities where English is not the primary language is spoken, where education is not adequate, where jobs are limited and welfare is rife, that’s where the gap is the widest.

And you don’t need a new “voice” to parliament to tell you that.

There are plenty of voices telling us that now, and they’re being ignored by the political elite trying to win woke social points.

Instead of making this about race, instead of virtue signalling for political gain, we need to focus our efforts on the REAL problems, with REAL solutions to improve the lives of marginalised Australians – no matter their background.

We should be focussing on ensuring that ALL Australian children can adequately read, write and speak English to gain an education that leads to employment.

I don’t know how many times I need to call on Australian leaders to focus on the REAL problems, but I’ll continue to do so until they listen – because we need them now.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Country Liberal Senator-Elect for NT

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  • Richard Barry OAM July 21, 2022   Reply →

    Fantastic appointment.

    I have written two emails to this young lady asking for support on behalf of NT NS Vietnam Veterans. So far I have not been lucky enough to receive a reply. Very difficult to make contact.

  • John Barker July 21, 2022   Reply →

    Does Jacinta really believe that the country is divided between the gutless, weak-kneed woke, latte sipping, oxygen thieves on one side of the great divide, and the other side made up of the superior and preferred antithesis of those misguided fools on the Left.

    When l was a soldier, the person next to you was not your enemy. Lets not start following the increasingly DisUnited States.
    Oh, and the opposite of Woke, is Asleep!

  • Daniel HARKINS July 22, 2022   Reply →

    go girl you earned it well said

  • Daryl Binning July 28, 2022   Reply →

    Unfortunately it is the “woke” editors of the mainstream media who encourage their journalists to persist with their paternalistic platitudes. If you dare speak anything that conflicts with the divisive attitudes of those professional activists who have a vested interest in maintaining the rage, you are labelled as a racist.

  • Dr. Christa Mazzucchelli September 5, 2022   Reply →

    You are a breath of fresh air In parliament Jacinta ! Keep it up !

  • Rodney Spragg January 18, 2023   Reply →

    Thank you Jacinta for saying what should be shouted from the roof tops.!!!!!

  • Les Forster January 23, 2023   Reply →

    Veterans, whether nashos or regulars, certainly need real help from a real government. They are not getting it from woke politics that is more about appeasing people for the sake of keeping their own jobs, than about the real issues of real people, like our former defence force personnel. Jacinta is trying very hard to bring the focus back to people and issues such as those, so that government works for everyone, rather than dispensing woke tokenism. All power to Jacinta… hopefully more politicians will join her stance, in giving everyone a Voice, not just those few who, as she states, are already well represented in national parliament.

  • CLIFF MAYNARD January 23, 2023   Reply →

    Jacinta is the exception to the rule that states that you can tell when a politician is lying ‘THEIRS LIPS MOVE

  • Ian Chamberlain January 24, 2023   Reply →

    Thank you Jacinta, it gives me a great feeling of relief to know that there is an Australian who wants to stand up for Australia. All Australians are equal. Let’s not let the woke of the world divide us!

  • Bruce Holmes January 29, 2023   Reply →

    The reasons behind high indigenous unemployment are complex. Education access, opportunity, racism, identity crisis, Licences, Birth Certificate, can be some of the obstacles.
    Government policy is on the rise regarding making employment opportunities, but industry must take action to address the problem. Wherever Indigenous people work it must be the same as everyone else.
    It cannot be about just get a job, there should be a career path, so it is easy to get out of bed and go to work.
    Workplaces need to be sure that they are culturally safe, responsible places where First Nations people can thrive.
    We need to be mindful that they are not just trying to meet targets but be interested in what they would like to do.
    When a child has grown up without ever seeing their parents in stable employment, the chances that they will be successful at school or in the workplace are very low.
    The difficulty of trust –looking at history through Aboriginal eyes highlights 200+ years of exploitation, repression, abuse, and murder by institutions (Governments, Churches, Police and Schools), all of whom proclaimed to be acting with their best interest at heart. A safe starting assumption is that there is going to be zero trust at the community level in any policy or initiative that has not been co-developed with the Aboriginal Community (even when it is a genuinely good initiative).

  • Tony Gates March 2, 2023   Reply →

    Well well a breath of fresh air, at last we have a speaker for all Australians.
    Federal government and labour cohorts, should get their priorities right.
    Walking waving in the Mardi – Gra. Ok: what about joining the homeless sleeping in the streets nowhere to go,: what about taking pity on our kids on the streets nowhere to go. No race or colour distinction there.
    Bye the way Hawk with tears streaming down his face NO KIDS WILL BE SLEEPINNG ON THE STREETS WHILE I’M PRIME MINISTER ! (Must be twenty years ago still there)
    Rudd having joining the homeless on the streets ( not on a cardboard mattress , but snug in a sleeping bag. Commented “That was fun.”

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