VETERANS and their families from across Australia will benefit from projects funded under the Veteran and Community Grants (V&CG) program aimed at ensuring their health and wellbeing.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Darren Chester announced that more than $480,000 will be provided to fund activities and services within local communities to help maintain the mental and physical health of our veterans and their families.

“The health and wellbeing of veterans and their families is a priority for the Federal Government and these grants will help local ex-service organisations, veterans’ groups and community organisations deliver projects that promote a healthy and independent lifestyle—something incredibly important as we navigate the current coronavirus pandemic,” Mr Chester said.

“I am pleased to announce that these organisations have been offered funding to deliver projects such as creating a community garden, bus trips to help reduce social isolation and upgrading existing community facilities.

“For example the Carina’s Men Shed will receive almost $80,000 to develop a series of weekly activities around sport and social engagements targeted specifically towards veterans, their families and carers.

“Congratulations to the communities and ex-service organisations that have been offered funding to deliver activities and services to support the veteran community.”

DVA recognises the potential impact coronavirus may have on recipients completing their projects, with social distancing and other public health measures in place across the country. The grants offer will be available for the initial 12-month period, however, if the organisation requires more time to complete their project due to coronavirus, DVA will consider extending the length of the agreement on a case-by-case basis. This flexibility will ensure all of the successful organisations can deliver their projects within a reasonable timeframe and continue to deliver great support to their local veteran community.

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