BOOK – Danger On Our Doorstep

Could Australia Go To War With China?

By: Jim Molan

Available: 3rd August 2022
ISBN: 9781460762608
Number Of Pages: 304

An unsettling assessment of how – and when – war with China might break out and the consequences for the world, from bestselling author, ex-major general Jim Molan

What are Australia’s options in confronting a rising and belligerent China?

For the first time in nearly 80 years, war on our doorstep is not just possible, it is likely. Former army major general and Liberal Party senator Jim Molan has fought wars, reviewed intelligence, participated in government and conducted business in hotspots across the world, making him an expert in evaluating risk and reward in perilous military situations.

In this sober assessment, Molan examines the present and growing danger of China’s rise, not just to Taiwan, Japan and other countries in the immediate region, but also to the geopolitical balance of power as it has existed since the end of World War II. He suggests what China’s endgame is, how war might start, what war with China would look like and, importantly, what Australia’s best interests and options are. Acknowledging the increasing awareness of possible conflict, he stresses how important it is to prepare for the right war, not the war we would prefer to fight, or the one we think might never happen.

About the Author

Jim Molan is an Australian Liberal senator and retired army major general. In April 2004, he deployed for a year to Iraq as the Coalition forces’ chief of operations, where he controlled the manoeuvre operations of all forces across all of Iraq, including the security of Iraq’s oil, electricity and rail infrastructure. Since leaving the military, Jim has been a commentator on defence and security issues, and has written regularly for a number of journals and blogs. Until September 2014, he was a principal of Aadi Defence Pty Ltd, facilitating access for Australian industry to defence technology grants and working with other high technology industries, and was nominated as chairman of two companies attempting to commence trading in Australia.

He was a consultant to Deakin University, BAE Systems Australia and Israeli Aerospace Industries. He has been active in speaking out on defence issues, in particular, Australia’s preparedness against an aggressive China. Jim lives on a property outside Canberra.

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