BENDIGO CORAL & BALMORAL – Commemorative Service

Commemorative Service
54th Anniversary FSB Coral Balmoral

Dawn Service – 6.00AM Friday 13th May, 2022
Bendigo Cenotaph Pall Mall

We wish to advise all members that a special service is being conducted in Bendigo to commemorate the 54th Anniversary of the Battles of Fire Support Bases CORAL & BALMORAL (12th May – 6th June 1968).

The Service in Bendigo is to honour all Those Who Served – but in particular two 21 year old National Servicemen – who were killed on the First Night when a massive Mortar & RPG attack by the NVA Enemy – to flatten the Base – was followed soon after by a Mass Human Wave Surge to annihilate all the remaining defenders – in the early morning of the 13th May 1968 – two National Servicemen who were killed at this time – included both Private Bevan Maxwell TRIMBLE – 1st Battalion – from Bendigo & Gunner Ian James SCOTT – 12 Field Regiment Artillery – from Camperdown.

The two Fire Support Bases – CORAL & BALMORAL – supported each other – at 4 kilometres apart – but 40 Kilometres North of Saigon – battles which engaged the next 26 days of carnage that became the largest, longest, bloodiest, most epic battles by Australians in the entire Vietnam War.

25 Soldiers were killed in these Battles together with the further shock death of Major George Constable of 161 Recce Flight – becoming the only Australian Commanding Officer to be killed in the War – when shot down flying his Cessna Bird Dog on reconnaissance while over CORAL on the 23rd May 1968 – taking the KIA total to 26. Sadly, many hundreds died before the Citation for Gallantry was awarded – 50 painful years after the Battles – without receiving the gratitude of their Nation – exacerbated as many more have died since 2018.

For further information and to receive a copy of the Order of Service when completed please contact Graham on the below.

m 0418 521 579 │ e [email protected]


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  • Ken.T April 17, 2022  

    God Bless those diggers who defended their Pride and Mates with guts and determination. You are not forgotten.

  • June Roe April 19, 2022  

    What decent human being would deny quewdos where quewdos is due, ESPECIALLY in our Defence Services ON THE BATTLE FIELD.??

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