Belgian FN 7.62mm Remotely Controlled Rifle Used in Iranian Scientist Assassination:

A 7.62mm MAG light machine gun mounted on a remote weapon station made by the Belgian firm FN Herstal was used in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on November 27, 2020 in Absard near Tehran the  New York Times  reported Saturday.

The weapon was controlled by an assassin of the Israeli intelligence ageny, Mossad, from 1000 kms away who remotely fired at the scientist who was driving the car with his wife seated besides him. One bullet shot through the windscreen struck him in the shoulder. Fakhrizadeh got out of the car ostensibly exposing himself to the assassin in order to protect his wife.

The remote-controlled rifle fired three more rounds injuring him fatally. Giving details of the operation sourced from Israeli intelligence officials, the report said “It was the debut test of a high-tech, computerized sharpshooter kitted out with artificial intelligence and multiple-camera eyes, operated via satellite and capable of firing 600 rounds a minute.”

The remotely controlled weapon shot at only the scientist and avoided hurting his wife who was seated just inches next to him, which would make such a weapon the future choice in targeted assassinations. Israel’s Mossad chose a special model of a Belgian-made FN MAG machine gun attached to an advanced robotic apparatus, the report said attributing the information to  Israeli intelligence officials

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