Battle of Yongju, also known as the Battle of the Apple Orchard.

On the 22nd of October 1950. C Company 3RAR along with elements of the US 89th Tank Battalion participated in the Battle of Yongju, also known as the Battle of the Apple Orchard. This battle formed part of the UN offensive towards the Yalu River and occurred during the Korean War.

At approximately 0900, 3RAR came under fire from a KPA rearguard position in an apple orchard near Yongju whilst attempting to link up with US paratroopers from the 187 RCT. 3RAR carried out an aggressive quick attack on the enemy position, with US tanks in support, forcing the KPA to withdraw from the high ground after suffering heavy casualties. The Australians suffered only four wounded to 70 Koreans killed in the initial engagement.

Now attacking the retreating KPA from the rear, 3RAR continued advancing, with the KPA caught between the advancing Australians and the surrounded troops of 187 RCT. A number of KPA attempted to hide in the straw stacks and but were brutally cleared out by the advancing Australians, who proceeded to kick the stacks of straw and shooting any KPA soldiers as they attempted to flee.

At 1100 that day the two forces linked up. Approximately 150 KPA were killed, 239 wounded and 200 captured. The Australians suffered just seven men wounded.

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