• Warren Thatcher June 12, 2022  

    I doubt that Barnaby will take much interest . They didn’t when in Government.
    I don’t know who Albo appointed but we must establish good understanding and relationship with who ever it is .
    Jim Molan should have been opposition Defence spokesman. He would also be ideal in this job.
    I have always liked young Hastie .
    That ended when he gave evidence in the BRS libel trial.
    Hastie said under questioning that he went to the two media people who broke the story . He said that he had no confidence in the military system to investigate , not what he had seen but what he imagined might have happened.
    I have no idea on what happened. No one has been convicted of anything. I know that Australian soldiers don’t shoot innocent civilians. They die trying to protect them.
    I also know that in these highly dangerous conditions decisions to shoot are made in split seconds not months of trials.
    Lastly how much more suffering will these brave men and their families have to endure ?
    Time to drop all charges and get the knee off their necks .

  • Colin Rayfield June 12, 2022  

    Decisions to shoot ARE made in split seconds. And BR-S was not a ‘newbie’ under combat experience. You NEED to be hyper-vigilant to STAY alive – and you don’t EARN a Victoria Cross by being ‘cautious’.
    The ‘rules of war’ don’t exist, other than ‘kill or be killed’ when confronting enemy attacks – and experience of such attacks prepares you to react from ‘experience’.
    Not ponder what civilians in courts decide you should do in split seconds, as opposed to what cunning lawyers will try to trip you up, AFTER THE EVENT.

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