Australia’s Key Alliance in the Vietnam War…

The steamy jungles of south-east Asia presented the stage for one of the deadliest confrontations of the Cold War where the philosophies of democracy, communism and nationalism clashed in bitter, brutal and bloody warfare.

Vietnam was born out of the ashes of the collapse of the French Empire but was a country divided with both sides dreaming of unification but without compromise when it came to their own beliefs. Lasting 19 years and claiming over two million lives, the Vietnam War was as much a battle of wills as it was of tactics and weapons and in this regard, the communist north and their supporters in the south – the Viet Cong – had will to spare, so much so that not even the technology of the west could blunt their drive for victory.

While South Vietnam eventually fell to the communist north, history particularly in the west views the conflict as an American tragedy given the damage it did to American prestige, influence and even its own society. However, the United States was by no means alone when it came to defending the South Vietnamese. Far from it for they called upon a number of key allies to support them not just militarily but diplomatically. In this episode, we will examine the involvement of one such key ally in the war for Vietnam – Australia.

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  • Eddie Barton ex 1 RAR Support Coy December 3, 2022  


    I am a return veteran with two year overseas on an ACTIVE SERVICE ROLE during the MALAYAN EMERGENCY from 1959 to 1961. This incursion actually started back in the mid 1940 and in the early 1950’s immediately after the Korean War three Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment got involved with jungle warfare operations with Chinese and Malayan insurgents.
    We may have not seen the ‘actions’ of Vietnam and later action such as Afghanistan and alike but we did and action then and still to this day rifle units of the RAR still pursue action roles in Malaysia.
    Why is it inconceivable that later conflicts have received more coverage than the Malayan Emergency veterans and the unforgotten Korean War Veterans. We did our jobs with less accolades and fanfares at the end of our tours in ACTIVE SERVICE AREAS and for what . Let’s equalise the message that all who have served overseas in important role receive the same accolades not just the latter. We all fought for our country.

  • Peter Fischer December 3, 2022  

    Absolutely brilliant story about a horrific time for Australian Soldiers, whether Regular or National Serviceman.
    I have no problems with the AATTV receiving 4 Victoria Crosses, but because of Government quoters, a lot of HEROS, not part the the AATTV, missed out on their just medal.

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