It is our pleasure to announce that the Australia Values Party has successfully made it past the initial phase of the registration process. Commencing on Friday 03 December, the Australian Electoral Commission will publicly advertise that the AVP is seeking to be registered as a Political Party. This advertisement and consideration period will last one month before a final decision is made thereafter. So we are expecting to be registered and ready to hit the ground running in time for Australia Day 2022.

We know a lot of you were standing by waiting to hear from the AEC however that part of the phase has now been completed.

As we patiently enter into the next phase, we will continue to keep you updated and informed along the way. We have a few more announcements coming soon, including the launch of our social media channels, so stay tuned for these soon.

Thank you again for your support, and please keep spreading the word.

Yours in Service,

Heston Russell –¬†Australian Values Party

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  • Ket Robison December 19, 2021   Reply →

    A US university announced that 240 000 people were killed in Afghanistan. We invaded Afghanistan to enable Enron Energy to build an oil pipeline. How do you reconcile this death toll with your Australian Values?. The US Government needs %20 of the world’s daily oil production and is on the brink of an oil shortage. Clean, cheap renewable energy has been suppressed.

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