Australia will provide Ukraine with 300 DefendTex D40 kamikaze drones

The Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon receive a new type of bomber ammunition in addition to Warmate, Switchblade 300 and Phoenix Ghost.

Australia will soon hand over 300 DefendTex D40 kamikaze drones to Ukraine. Test units have already been delivered to Poland, where they will be tested. After the tests, Australia will send the entire batch of munitions to Ukraine.

The DefendTex D40 can be launched both manually and with a 40-mm grenade launcher. The maximum flight range is 20 km, and the takeoff weight of the entire ammunition is 300g. DefendTex’s barraging ammunition can operate either individually or as part of a swarm.

DefendTex D40 is designed to destroy tanks, manpower and ammunition depots. The kamikaze drone has water protection and supports the unmanned operation. It has a flight time of about 30 minutes for barraging ammunition.

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