Aussie war machine ready to take on the world

A secret operation to build a uniquely Australian combat support vehicle for national and foreign militaries can now be revealed – in all its camouflaged glory.

Queensland-based company Rheinmetall Australia will today launch its Lynx Combat Support Vehicle – which the firm’s managing director Gary Stewart declared was “the most sophisticated and capable armoured vehicle ever to be designed and built in Australia”.

“It is uniquely Australian as a workhorse vehicle, even taking on the distinct function of a ute,”

Mr Stewart said.

With a crane and digger-type attachments, the combat support vehicle is designed to provide logistics support to fighting vehicles on the battlefield.

It will be based on the existing Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which Rheinmetall hopes will win the next phase of the Australian government’s Land 400 military vehicle procurement program.

Mr Stewart said the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle had been developed and built separately to the government’s requirements but said it had already garnered “a lot of interest from a lot of armies around the world” and would be built and exported from the company’s factory in Ipswich.

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