Attention Sydney based Veterans.

Seeking veterans who served in the infantry, sigs, and engineers (all ranks) with jungle experience (e.g., Vietnam, Malaya) would be suitable.

Where: Holsworthy barracks

Why: Looking for personal insights and lessons learnt from combat in the jungle to better shape the individual soldier for coming conflicts.

Date: 22nd July 

Time: 10.30-12.30 then BBQ lunch

Meeting point: Holsworthy front gate

Contact: Jay Hoggins 0439627291 or [email protected]

For logistical purposes please advise either Jay or Pratty if you will be attending by PM Monday 18 July.

Jay will meet those coming by car at the main entrance to Holsworthy Barracks. Anyone who comes by train can be picked up at Holsworthy station.

Please support Jay with this request.

Sorry for the short notice however old diggers can take that in their stride.


Keith Pratt [email protected]

13 July 2022.

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