Many of those who served with the 1RAR Group during 1965-66 will remember well the OC of 3 Field Troop RAE, Sandy MacGregor.

Yesterday, Sandra MacGregor, Sandy MacGregor’s wife, advised as follows.

Unfortunately, this afternoon, Sandy lost his balance and had a fall.  He is now in hospital and will be there for a while.  His head and arm were bleeding, but worst of all he broke his hip.  He was in such agony – I could see it on his face.  The hospital now has him on extremely strong pain killers, including morphine.  He now must have a hip replacement and my greatest fear is that he will have to go off his blood thinners to have the operation.  Going off his blood thinners for too long was what caused him to have his stroke almost 2 years ago.

 Just when I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief because he was in the same hospital only yesterday having a prostate biopsy and had to go off his blood thinners for a few days.

Could you please pass this on to the other Sappers?

Please join me in wishing Sandy a speedy recovery.


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  • Kel Ryan December 3, 2021   Reply →

    Ray, it is not only sappers who are concerned with this news. Best wishes to Sandy and his family. Kel Ryan

  • Ian Burnet December 3, 2021   Reply →

    Hi Ray, I had lunch with Sandy and Sandra on Sunday at Hornsby’s SB Christmas luncheon and had a good chat .. He was in high spirits then and progressing well as we both talked about our strokes. Will keep up to date with vetrtan web and Hornsby SB. Was good to meet you and your wife ( forget name ) sorry so will keep on the emails
    Cheers Ray.

  • Hilton EJ Brown R51836 December 3, 2021   Reply →

    i very much hope that sandy regains his health and wish he and his family the very best and merry AMAS.

  • Wally Mcleod December 6, 2021   Reply →

    Sandy is an absolute legend to all who served and i wish him a speedy recovery as many others would on this news… Wally Mcleod

  • Jack Snell December 7, 2021   Reply →

    All the best to both Sandy and Sandra. Haven’t come across either for far too long but they are both special people. ..Jack Snell

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