50 years ago today.

50 years ago today. This photo was taken by Alan Wilson at Baria with the old picture theatre in the background of the ARVN tank retreating.
This was the last day of the withdrawal from Nui Dat.
Alan Wilson drove Major Ferris from Van Kiep to Nui Dat where the lock was placed on the gates. A stack of Vietnamese were waiting to access the closed Base, outside the Base until everyone was gone.  There were 4 of us still at Baria working in the TOC Liason office in Baria and living at Van Kiep compound. Alan Wilson,  Stuart Phillipson, John Robertson, myself (Robert Dunlop) and Lt Hickey.
We were still there until 24 November 1971 listening to nothing but squelch on the radio, when they hurriedly took us to Camp 500 at Vung Tau.
Robbo and myself were hurridly flown home after two nights with 104 Bty at Vungas. 104 Bty had no idea there were still some diggers at Baria from HQ Bty. I was supposed to have been home already with Hq Bty. Our office at Baria was a young A Battery officer who replaced Terry Sanders.

Alan was watching the convoy with the LO officer and grabbed his camera to get the photo but missed the main Aussie convoy although he was there.

Robert Dunlop

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