1252 Thomas James Buckley – 1RAR

Hi Ray,
My wife has a deceased veteran relative, 1252 Thomas James Buckley,  who served with 1RAR in Vietnam in 65-66. He was a Captain there although he made Major much later. He was also awarded a DSM.
I can’t find any more information about him. Can you help? Particularly with details of the DSM citation. Any books about that tour might also be helpful.

David  [email protected]

If you can assist David please email him at [email protected]


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  • Bill.Kaine November 15, 2021   Reply →

    Hi Ray
    Tom was our Quartermaster in Admin Coy.
    Not sure but there may be something in”The First to Fight” by Bob Breen.
    Not sure where the DSM came from.

  • Tom Lupton November 16, 2021   Reply →

    Ray wasn ‘t Tom Buckley OC admin Company

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