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This year marks 50 years since 2 RAR has been granted Freedom of Entry to the City of Townsville in 1971. This will be a unique activity as the Battalion would like veterans to join in the march, after the challenge. Veterans from all periods of the Battalion’s existence are invited, which includes 66 AIB, 2 AR, 2 RAR, 2/4 RAR and 2 RAR (Amphib).

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????????: The Battalion will step off at 0900, from Strand Park, all veterans to be waiting between the challenge point and Jezzine Barracks by 0830. Those that cannot walk far position yourself closer to Jezzine Barracks. There will be at the rear of the Battalion an extra OC and CSM commanding Guard 3 for veterans and this is where the veterans will fall in at their own pace from the side of the road as the Battalion Marches past.

?????: For Ex-members 2 RAR or 2/4 RAR Polo’s are encouraged to be worn with Slacks or Dress shorts and enclosed shoes

???? ?????? ????????: The Battalion is inviting any ex-members of the Battalion to come out to the Battalion for a BBQ and a beer with the current soldiers of the Battalion. The Edgar Towner V.C. Club will be open from 1100 till 1700.

To register to attend the BBQ on base please email Mal Gray at [email protected] to be added to the list at the front gate where there will be a soldier waiting to check your name/s off to allow entry.

Important – Please include:

Full name (and full names of any family attending with you)


Years of service in the battalion (Example – 1984 to 1990)

Please have on you Photo ID for all persons 16 and Older

To read further about the history of freedom of Entry and see the TCC website please follow the link below


Please think about travelling and being there for this one, get out there and show them you’re still ‘Second to None!’


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