Apology by John Arnold

I would appreciate addressee’s ‘sharing’ this message as there are too many for me to contact individually.

It seems that I have been doing the wrong thing according to some in wearing a medal that I received from the USA, which has my details engraved on the back and I believed to be legitimate for me to wear.

Several years ago I received the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm with information that I could wear it. I put this on my rack and really thought no more of it, believing everything was Kosher. Basically, it related to an ” OFF THE BOOKS ” incident I was involved in during my tour in Vietnam in 1971-72 with the American CID. I have simply described that as an investigation but it was quite a bit more than that simple term as it included a pretty serious confrontation with American and Vietnamese crooks involved in big-time crime.

Anyway, after wearing the medal for a number of years, during which nobody ever questioned my right to wear it I had no idea I was doing anything wrong and it is only in recent days that someone contacted me and challenged my right. I explained the situation but that person was still a bit pissed off at me, telling me it is for courage/action and not for an investigation. I was very embarrassed at this and did not try to explain further other than the basics. The funny thing is I did enquire of a senior person if I could/should wear the medal and was told it was OK to do so in the circumstances.

Those of you that know me pretty well would, I hope, understand that I would never try and represent myself in any false light and I definitely do not see myself as a WANNABE committing any act of fraudulent behaviour. Because of the situation, I apologise to anyone I may have insulted or misled in any way and I will be removing the medal from my rack before I wear them again.


John Arnold

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  • bill williams February 12, 2022   Reply →

    Well Done John, as expected from a fine soldier from 1RAR Bien Hoa 1965-66.

  • Ross February 12, 2022   Reply →

    The opinions of vigilantes like ANZMI and their ilk are worthless.
    If you have the appropriate paperwork, apply to Honours and Awards at Yarralumla to haveit added to your records

  • Alan Foyle February 12, 2022   Reply →

    FFS! Is this the most important issue at the moment with our way of life going down the toilet? Put your investigative skills to a plan of action to attack the WOKE far quits that stink up our streets with their unwashed bodies and commies leanings. It appears John was acting on advice given to him. Thank you for your service John and the small-minded douche bag attacking your rack can kiss your ass. And yours too, I would guess.

  • Stuart Fairbairn February 12, 2022   Reply →

    John, your service was recognised by an overseas, legitimate authority. That does not mean the Australian authorities necessarily recognise the award alongside any Australian awards per se. However, thank you for your service!
    Should the Australian Authorities not recognise it together with other medals you have, it is perfectly acceptable to wear it separately on your left breast. Wear it with pride! You earned it, wear it!

  • Greg B February 13, 2022   Reply →

    Agree in principle with previous comments. You did what you considered necessary at the time that rendered positive outcomes that were important to your superiors.
    This was considered worthy of recognition by them the consequence of which you were granted the honour of wearing the appropriate award in the form of a medal which probably was presented to you on a parade with the appropriate ceremony.
    As far as I am concerned, you have done your homework about the validity of wearing it, then wear it with honour and pride.
    If you get further pushback about the wearing of the medal, have them prove in writing where it is stated you can’t then and only then remove it.
    If you finally have to remove it from the rack then you can certainly wear it on the right breast.

  • George Cooper February 13, 2022   Reply →

    Please continue to wear your medal, nasty jealous little dick people are out to bring down anybody who doesn’t live up to “their” expectations! It’s yours, wear it with pride!

  • Howard A Jackson February 15, 2022   Reply →

    John, I am sorry to hear that you have been the subject to some dickhead comments from persons who have no knowledge of what has actually occurred. Wear your medal that has been awarded to you and wear it with pride. Others have no idea as to what occurred whilst we served in Vietnam. You earned it, you wear it.

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