With concern for the future of our national unity and independence, I urge you to view the serious warning to us that is contained in the video clip linked below.

It is presented by reputable media commentator Andrew Bolt. Please watch the whole video clip because Andrew backs his statements with examples and direct quotes throughout.

Andrew explains things about the Voice proposal that are not reaching us through our leaders, making it so important that you devote a few minutes of your time to view the clip. You may like to circulate this link further.

Phil Buttigieg

CLICK LINK to view the video.

Anzac Day sees ‘racial division even in our mourning’ – YouTube

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  • Scott Ide May 2, 2023  

    Just watched Andrew’ s YouTube clip. What is happening to our country (which I get “welcomed” to every time I turn around and I reject it without hesitation) ? They can have Australia Day and call it “Invasion Day” as far as I’m concerned. As long as my butt points to the ground it will be Australia Day and they can go and have sex with themselves and travel. I have ONE flag, it’s the Australian National Flag. Any other flag will be used to cover the bottom of my cockies cage and my cats kitty litter tray. Introducing Albo’s BS Woke politics into ANZAC Day is an unforgiveable insult to my WWI, WWII, Korea and Viet Nam War relatives who served this country. They say old people refer to the good old days. Well, in my humble opinion, they were far better than the frog shit woke, touchy feely environment we now live in. To be honest, we are somewhat to blame for the current situation. We have sat back and let the woke cretins call the shots. I am going to be very vocal from now on and fight them with every ounce of my strength. I want to live in peace with my Indigenous Brothers and Sisters but I wont capitulate to them, or anyone else. Please direct all abusive contact to Elmer FUDD’s (Albo) office at (02) 9564 3588. You may, I stress may, be able to speak to someone that has some idea as to what is happening. No guarantee.

  • Robin Henry May 3, 2023  

    The propaganda being produced by the so-called “progressives” about the voice focuses on ‘recognizing’ indigenous Australians and tries to avoid loud mention of the voice. It’s a similar strategy used when the homosexual marriage issue was being discussed. The focus became on “equality” and of course everyone supports equality.

    I support mention of the indigenous in our Constitution as being the pre-European inhabitants and could write a short, succinct sentence to that effect. It’s the truth, and won’t cost us hundreds of millions.

    If the referendum gets through and the Voice to Parliament is implemented, it will be a disaster for both genuinely disadvantaged indigenes and the rest of us. It will involve a handful of Labor supporting white-Aborigines feeding at the pig trough, trying to change Australia to suit themselves and sadly, nothing will improve in the indigenous communities where life is terrible.

    I agree almost entirely with Scott Ide’s commentary.

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