There will never be adequate recognition of those from all those yesterdays’ who kept the home fires burning in both peace and war.

In our complex space age little as changed. The same emotions, a clock which tick so slowly, a lazy dawdling calendar so reluctant to reach out to greet the next month.  Always is the need for a forced smile and always the dual role of mother and father. So many challenges never to comprehended by most in our community.

As small as this tribute is. It is sent with the proudest of salutes to all who have and will keep the home fires burning so bright.

Luv ya all—George Mansford



The Family Trenches at Home 

Remember those farewells, strong hugs and comforting hands

The sounds of blaring busy airports, and perhaps military bands

Or a noisy siren beckoning from a troop ship eager to sail

So many heavy hearts, yet duty and love of country prevail


Then the long wait, season after season

Of masked pain, forced smiles, and seeking sound reason

A half -filled beds, empty chair, and no wet towels on a bathroom floor

Deafening silence, just faint echoes of laughter bouncing past doors


Grass widows’ nursing fevers, cuts, and a dare devil with plaster cast

Or trying to start a stubborn mower to cut the grass

Switching off the children’s bedrooms lights, at long, long last

Being both Mum and Dad is certainly no easy task


News of battles on a blinking screen, is a reminder of the cruel waiting game

A radio hints of casualties, dead and wounded, yet no names

Always the never ending waits, for a dreaded knock on the front door

The messenger of death drives by, and trembling sighs of relief once more


Then mid a crowded, joyful, throng, is at last the magic powerful embrace

A family united once more, and striding forward in life’s race

Alas, no medals for those guarding home and family, day and night

So proud salutes to these silent heroes, who kept home fires burning bright

George Mansford © February 2023



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