Andrew Bolt on Sky News telling it as it really is!

Australia’s Sky News TV News host Andrew Bolt says out of vanity & “wilful ignorance” Australia’s political class has decided to make people “poorer & weaker”.

They’ve decided to get rid of our reliable electricity, the electricity that used to be about the cheapest in the world, the electricity that made us so rich, that let us set up smelters, and car plants, and factories of all kinds that gave us jobs,” Mr Bolt said. “And they’re going to get rid of this cheap & reliable electricity without – and get this – without having anything reliable to replace it.

Mr Bolt said the green projects by the government have “blown their budgets or are years behind”. “It’s a farce, except there’s nothing funny about it. I mean look at your power bills, are you laughing? Look at the jobs already lost, is that funny?” he said. “One green scheme after the other, failed or in strife, costing billions more than promised.”

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  • Alan Foyle February 27, 2023  

    Do these idiots (read ALL politicians) have any idea how hard they are making it for the average person to make ends meet? And that mumbling goose who thinks he is our PM – “Use your VOICE Albo and tell us what your plan is”. Some of my friends say they would not whiz on a politician if they were on fire, but I would – fire not a pre-requisite.

  • Geoff February 27, 2023  

    Well Said.
    No one is running our country – it’s a rudderless ship destined for nowhere. We have the incompetent government servants we deserve. Who voted for these third rate circus clowns ? They’re not even good at making us laugh.

  • Matthew February 28, 2023  

    The LNP put a cap on the amount paid to doctors for 7 years, doctors are now refusing to accept gold and white cards, I hope you are now finding that funny as well.

  • Terry Bennett. March 1, 2023  

    Andrew Bolt, I read almost all of your comments and agree with most of them. I’m a former CMF Volunteer who
    served in Vietnam in 1967- 68 and one of only 10 of us between SGT and CAPT who did the 12 months. 1 was KIA
    and 1 LT won a Military Cross in the TET offensive of 1968. We lost our jobs and were not helped when we came home
    from active service, just transferred back to our CMF UNIT. Our so called Government both state and Commonwealth
    and Political Parties has not none much to assist our power outlets or doing the refugees that helped us after WW2.
    We have so many migrants that know what they can get without working when if they were put in the same category
    as the refugees then we would be much better off. The one problem that may be fixed on our power problem is a
    research paper No 11. 2007 – 08 on Thorium in Australia which could probably solve our power problem. We have
    plenty of it in Australia and is much safer than Nuclear power. I can forward you a copy should you want one .
    Finally I follow and honour one flag and that is the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL FLAG. It seems a long comment but
    needs to be said.

  • stevow March 4, 2023  

    I can tell you what we can do, and should have always been doing, build bloody coal fired power plants and dig up coal. This country was built on coal and steel. Put the green religion (no science) to bed and lets be great again. Unfortunately all pollies have been won over by the WEF and personal power.

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