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During half a lifetime of being totally disgusted by some of the ABC’s disgraceful and subversive tactics to air unfounded and untrue stories about supposed atrocities and misdeeds by our valorous and magnificent men and women of our Armed Services, this particular outrageous lie which the ABC traitors have supported and heavily promoted against the members of November Platoon during hazardous operations In Afghanistan is by far the most reprehensible of them all.

Could I please urge all my rellies, friends, and acquaintances to get on board the campaign to get some justice for the egregiously wronged members of not only November Platoon, but for all members of the Armed Services, past and present.

The ABC must not go unpunished for the great and immoral harm they have done to the reputation of our Armed Services and our Nation. The cowardly keyboard warriors who put their narcissistic cravings for fame and fortune before the well-earned honour and pride in the Service of our Armed Service personnel must not go unpunished. The damage and harm they have deliberately done are far too great. The names and reputations of those who perpetrated this obnoxious attack on our Armed Service personnel must be punished and live in infamy forever.

This Petition is an official Parliamentary Petition, Number EN3637. It only takes a few minutes to add your name and to confirm the email you will get to verify your intention to be a Signatory. Please consider joining those of us who have already signed. Your Nation needs you.  The aggrieved, honourable and brave members of November Platoon, together with their suffering and hurt family members and friends – NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!

Let us all help to teach the ABC a lesson not to be forgotten by them! This time they have gone too far to escape retribution and punishment. This time, they have targeted the wrong victims!
November Platoon needs your help – please sign The Australian Parliament House Petition here.

Hooroo 4 now,  Brian/Mick Hurlock


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  • Greg Ward November 26, 2021  

    Just a simple question from an average bloke. I have signed the petition that asks for the government look into the actions of the ABC concerning these supposed lies about our military men. If found that these people did, knowingly, make these accusations falsely , causing our ADF members to be defamed, their families , unfairly made to carry a fair weight of the shame involved with those false accusations then no punishment will be enough as far as I’m concerned. But, again, if all this is true, where is the outrage from the other branches and members of the media? Why haven’t members of our government, our news groups jumped on this disgraceful episode with the speed at which they jumped on the bandwagon when these accusations were first made. These people seem to be very conspicuous by their absence.

  • Madick Zukowski November 26, 2021  

    I really hope the ABC (our taxes) are totally bought out for all to see, and done justice and to our Proud Australian Forces.

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