Please note: The following weekly article by Ross Eastgate was submitted yesterday, however, due to my commitment not to publish any political comment during the election period I have held it over until today. Ray


WHATEVER transpires tonight, two things are absolutely certain.

The sun will rise as normal tomorrow morning and we’ll have politicians running the country.

You could have a small wager on a few other eventualities, like Australia’s black and rolled gold “next prime minister” will inevitably assign his victory speech to the dustbin of history.

Win or lose, there will be others across the political spectrum who will also be surprised at the outcome because their egos didn’t see it coming.

Like addicts coming down off a serious bender, media advertisers will suffer withdrawal symptoms as the trillion dollars of Palmer party advertising dollars – Clive doesn’t deal in lesser amounts – suddenly dry up.

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Politicians running the country certainty whoever wins the election | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (

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