• Francis Woodhams November 25, 2021  

    The fact that the ABC did no communicate with members of 2nd Commando Regiment November Platoon to hear their side of the story to ensure there was balanced reporting proves it was a straight out hatchet job to discredit the Australian Army by taking the word of an unnamed Marine who heard a pop on the radio sometime ago. When one of the members of November Platoon is prepared to come on the ABC to answer any questions they refuse as they know it was an unsubstantiated story to suit their own biased agenda against the Australian Defence Force. The ABC is an un Australian organisation because we pride ourselves on giving everyone a FAIR GO.

  • Gert Johnsson APM November 26, 2021  

    Never let the truth get in the way of a “good” story, and if you can manage to denigrate the Defense Force so much the better, ones future within the ABC would seem to be assured. Anybody surprised?

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