Hey G’day Ray

I hope that this email finds you happy and healthy! 2023 is already off to a flying start – with plenty more in stall. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you may have missed.


The Federal Court has ruled in my favour in finding that the ABC and its journalists have indeed defamed me through their numerous articles and news segments. Now we are set for the journey to a trial where I look forward to exposing their actions and holding them accountable in the court of law and for the public to witness. Below are some of the news segments that have covered the development this last week. Ben Fordham’s segment on 2GB in particular is a great summary to help understand the situation and circumstances moving on from here.

My campaign for ABC accountability has been an ongoing saga since October 2020 and you can head to to see the saga since then.

Please spread the word – this is the chance to make a public example of what has occurred and make sure it does not happen again. I’ll keep you updated as the case continues.


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