ABC Abandons Truth Defences.

Hey G’day Ray

I can finally give you an update on my Defamation Case against the ABC. They have just filed the fourth attempt at their defence and have abandoned their Truth Defence and Contextual Truth Defence, now they will just be relying on their Public Interest Defence.

For those of you who have been following, this has been a saga now almost three years long. I’ve tried my best to keep you up to date along the journey at

While I’m not allowed to go into any more detail outside of the judicial process, many of you will know the personal and professional struggles this fight for accountability has caused. I cannot personally believe that I have had to fight so hard for the truth and simply see common sense in action. I can only imagine the cost this is causing Australian Taxpayers, and what it is costing me on so many levels to pursue this quest for justice.

From here, we are next in Sydney at the Federal Court on May 26th. I will fly down to be in person and certainly look forward to what the proceedings will be from here. Until then, you can catch more of what others in the media have been reporting on these latest developments via the links I’ve included below:

‘Legal blow for the ABC’: Major update in war crimes case

ABC drops truth defence in ex-commando’s defamation suit

Thank you so much to all of you who have been supporting me, sending messages, stopping me in the street to give encouragement, and having conversations within your own networks. This has sometimes felt like a very uphill and lonely battle, but I am continuously comforted by the support of so many from behind and in front of the scenes.

Yours in Service,


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