A tribute to the Anzacs from the Wheatbelt

Thanks to the Kondinin Community Recreation Council together with the Kondinin Artists’ Group and Shire of Kondinin for making this happen.

The mural was painted on a custom-built canvas, fixed onto the water tank at Yeerakine Rock, a place where Kondinin holds their annual Anzac Dawn service.

The painting sits alongside a Light Horse monument, that was erected in 2015 and commemorates the 10th Light Horse Regiment who was primarily raised in the Wheatbelt and had strong connections to a number of families in the region.

The mural depicts one of the many brave men who had to leave their wives and children behind during the disastrous drought of 1914, which ruined early farming progress and communities.

The soldier sails from Fremantle, goes to the Great War, and after experiencing its horrors, expresses the pointlessness of it all in a letter. The soldier was one of the fortunate ones who was able to return to his family.

Special thanks to Hannah and Gary Repacholi who helped steer the direction of the artwork and introduced me to the song ‘Green Fields of France’ referenced in the soldier’s letter and plays throughout this video.

CLICK LINK to watch the video.


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