A message to all the people of Australia.

Let me introduce myself. I am Gary J Matthews. I am a 68-year-old true blue patriotic Australian. I am NOT a millionaire banker, I do not own shares in Pharmaceutical Companies, I am NOT a self-made Millionaire, I am not a Corporate Lawyer etc. etc. I am just like most of you, an everyday Australian.

All my life, I have travelled this vast Mighty Nation of ours from one end to the other countless times over my lifetime. I know my way around just about every city and town without a GPS in every state.

This is what I have noticed over those many years. And I am going to say it as simply as I can so we can all understand our position today and the grave situation we are all in as a Nation.

Our Government changed dramatically in 1975 and set up a “TWO PARTY PREFERRED” Voting system WITHOUT the consent of us, the Australian People, by Referendum. This new CORPORATE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM removed the teachings of our Rights, Laws and Freedoms from all our Schools. Took out Social Studies and Changed our history by rewriting it. And lots more.

Over the years, They started to dumb us all down. They DID THINGS UNDER OUR NOSES, Little things, LIKE REMOVING THE CROWN OFF THE QUEENS HEAD (Check $5 Notes) by making it nothing but a picture of a Lady with a perm… Not a Sovereign Queen.

They began to make massive deals with the United Nations and China, signing many Agreements like the Lima Agreement in 1975. Look it up. They started implementing AGENDA 21/30 policies that are stealthfully disguised as FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS, not to mention the Paris Agreements and the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP.

Now, when you really think about it, they are nothing but one-way streets for all the Australian People to a point where Foreign Countries have ended up with ALL our best and CONTROL every bit of it, and you have all ended up with their cheap junk in return.

EVERY SINGLE SHOP today is filled with “MADE IN CHINA” on every one of its shelves. To me, this is NOT FREE TRADE at all but a form of raping and pillaging of our once great nation of all its resources and Public Utilities and giving us back the crumbs that fall off their GLOBALIST tables.

This Government is worried it will be exposed as breaching our Real LAWFUL Australian Constitution 1901. They are trying ever so hard to make AUSTRALIA a REPUBLIC as fast as they can to cover up what they have done without you waking up to any of it.

They are trying so hard that they even want to do a POSTAL Survey to change to a Republic; that is how desperate they are. Please, everyone, don’t be fooled by this.

Ok, This is where I come in. I am not a politician; honestly, I would NOT even want to think about being one. I did run in the second last Federal Elections as a SENATE CANDIDATE for South Australia. But I will NOT toe their party line. Sorry, I am pretty sure they will force their hand at becoming a Republic under the rule of a President, and this is a huge mistake if they take us all down that road.

Now the funny thing is, as many of you have forgotten or didn’t even know, as they kept it from you… We have been a FEDERATION since 1901 under our own Commonwealth of AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION 1901 which this once great nation was built on in the first place! This is our own Constitution. It is not a British or English Constitution; it is our very own Lawful and still current Constitution of AUSTRALIA…

I am just letting you all know that many of you have read my posts over the years and heard me on many talkback programs about how I feel about every single Australian and about what has happened to our ONCE GREAT NATION; yes, all of you even if we have not met, you’re all in my books as my Mates every last Man, woman and Child in this Country. No matter what happens at the end of the day, we are ALL GOING TO NEED EACH OTHER sooner than you think.

I have been studying what is going on behind the scenes in Australia over the last 35 years with what some call a PASSION. Those that know me well say that. Bless them.

I am fully aware of the shortfalls of our Health Systems, Our Education Systems, and our Poor Pensioners who worked and paid for all their lives a percentage of their income to have a pension that is now being ripped right out from under them. Old-aged pensions today are UNDER THE POVERTY LINE!

I am also aware of the massive amounts of Businesses and Manufacturers and the Millions of Jobs that have long gone from this once great nation ending in generations now dependent on WELFARE.

I am aware of the huge POWER BILLS and other ESSENTIALS to our very existence becoming so out of our reach that we will all suffer financially in the long run.

I am aware of the plights of our Farmers, the very people who feed us all 3 MEALS A DAY and we treat them like none of us even need them. Farmers grow our fruit and veggies, even for vegans as well. I know the hardships facing many Australians now right around this country.

I am not running as a Politician or with any Party anymore as we have politicians coming out of our earholes right across the Country by the truckloads. Still, we only end up with Labor & Liberal arguing against one another and blaming each other for the stuff-ups they have both made!

I am a very Passionate true blue fair dinkum Patriotic Australian! AUSTRALIA, ATM, WE JUST ALL NEED EACH OTHER. Whether we are First Nation, Second Nation, New Nation, or whatever. The fact is, at this very moment in time, people, we are all losing the ONLY NATION we have to foreigners and people who want us ALL to “OWN NOTHING AND WILL BE HAPPY” dictatorship and will be under their constant surveillance 24/7 with every single move we make as Honest people.

Thank you for hearing what I have to say. But what I know is much more than what I have just shared here…

“LEST WE FORGET” People will all like this post, but I guarantee not many will share it! Get some good old Australian guts, folks.

“Love to you all.”

Written by Gary J Matthews


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